API Docs for GET /api/v2/snaps/(?P<name>[\w-]+)/channel-map

The schema for this endpoint is fantastic. I would love to see that for all of them! It makes creating the structs and reasoning about the expectations a lot easier.

However, while implementing it I had to flip over to the Snapcraft source for some context and noticed this:

                "required": [
                    # "attributes",
                    # "base",
                    # "build-url",
                    # "confinement",
                    # "created-at",
                    # "epoch",
                    # "grade",
                    # "sha3-384",
                    # "size",
                    # "status",

So my assumption then is that those aren’t actually all required and don’t comeback in the result from the endpoint?

Or based on reading the git commit messages and PR is it that they are sent but Snapcraft doesn’t use them? I guess to me, at the moment it’s moot if what I’m trying to do is use Snapcraft in which case I only care about what Snapcraft cares about. :slight_smile: