Any way to setup proxy server before first boot?



If the device/network is behind a sock proxy server, is there any method to update the settings during first boot? I didn’t find a way to do so and cannot provision the device.


i fear you’d have to use a dedicated gadget for this and set something like:

  # defaults for the core snap

in gadget.yaml


Thank you @orga.

This does work if I am using a customized image.
But, if I still want to use the generic image, is it possible to add a item in console-conf and allow users to input the proxy server setting?


Currently only by calling snap set system proxy.http="http://foobar:8080" (“system” is equivalent to “core”, they are interchangeable ATM) after first login (and i suspect you need to reboot afterwards as well).

picking a proxy at initial setup in console-conf instead would indeed be a nice addition, i’d try filing a whishlist bug …