Any reason why ffmpeg is missing arm64 builds?

Hi there, it seems that ffmpeg is on snapcraft, and it has builds for may architectures, only arm64 is missing. I had a look at the github page, and arm64 is supposed to be included, but still it is not available on the store. Is there any reason for this to happen?

Not sure. It hasn’t build successfully for a while. I have just triggered a build, and we can see why it failed once that is picked up. The logs will show up at this page for those interested :nerd_face:

I saw this last night and filed a PR. @popey can you merge it pls?

Done! New build will trigger. Thanks @lucyllewy iel

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And another, @popey:

Fantastic, thanks for your work, very quick indeed! Will test is ASAP

Many thanks again, installed on a Raspberry 4 arm64 and seems to work just fine. The only thing is every time I use ffmpeg it prints out 5 or 6 times realpath: '': No such file or directory; then, the correct output begins, and everything seems to work fine, I don’t know if it’s a problem of my system or not (if I may help troubleshoot it, just let me know!)