Any newer sample kernels available?

I need to do some debugging on my kernel snap due to a heavily discussed issue, and I’m looking for kernels I can look at to sanity check my config. Unfortunately, all I can find is the sample kernel provided on the board enablement overview page which doesn’t really clear anything up, aside from also being old as hell. Does anyone have any other Ubuntu Core 18 builds I can check out?

i think we stopped supporting anything before 4.4 nowadays (well, if you pay us a lot of $$$ we might be able to go back to 3.x for you but that would be a lot of $$$ :slight_smile: (enough to pay a fulltime kernel dev to maintain it i guess))

i switched this one to the source after the first commit … but this specific first commit might show you how to deal with a non-ubuntu kernel (adding the right configs and (if your kernel is older than 5.4) the required apparmor patches):

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