Any interest in "snapcraft help <concept>" help?

As rationale, as I was playing with snapcraft, I accidentally stumbled over the “–enable-manifest” build option, which I would never have known about without examining the actual source, as I never saw that option mentioned in any particular snapcraft command’s help output. So how would I have ever learned about it?

The problem is that that option is probably tied to numerous snapcraft commands, and adding every possible option to every possible command help would be overwhelming, but one can do what Git does, and support the idea of “git help <concept>”. Eg., one can run “git help workflows” to read about various Git workflows, that sort of thing, even though there is no actual Git “workflows” command.

So … what about “snapcraft help buildoptions”, that sort of thing? (Same could apply to “snap” command as well.) If not, where would one fit help about “–enable-manifest”?