Anti-snap community, what is the goss

So, I have had interesting anti-snap comments from Armbian fanatic about snap and Canonical despite Armbian site being peppered with callouts to Ubuntu.

Just how volatile is this politically?

This came from my playing with Ubuntu CORE 16 on Orange Pi Zero which I was also curious about since I can’t make out whether that is an official Ubuntu since it comes from the OPiZ site. Although, what makes it official??

Is there likely to be an official server and desktop Ubuntu for OPiZ to follow?

Is Armbian going to slide off radar for OPi range on the back of Ubuntu support of the device?

Have Armbian been putting back into Ubuntu to pay out on IP they have pulled out?



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This thread has the potential to be an absolute car crash. Please consider your responses here carefully.

On this forum we discuss technical development of snapd, snapcraft and snaps.

We’re not here to “gossip” or speculate on why someone might not like the work we’re doing here. Let’s stick to the technical part of the discussion please.


regarding armbian and snaps on allwinner installs (nanopi, orangepi at least), snaps did work last year, so using them should technically still be possible at the same level (with some confinement limitations i guess) you can use them on a debian system:

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Wow! I get you point though. I am just confused because tried and failed to get snapd going on Ubuntu server distro for OPiZ. I was given the hint that the Ubuntu 14.04 version for OPiZ was not “official” and older and not supported.

It occured to me that the Armbian distro might be more “official” and it might allow install and run of snapd.

It did.

So to then have an Armbian fanatic denouncing support for snap seemed strange since you can run snapd on Armbian Bionic on OPiZ. I assume that’s because Armbian is a thin Debian+Ubuntu clone in any event.

All good.

I will leave it alone.

in case you are still interested in trying an actual Ubuntu Core image on the Orangepi Zero, our recent discussion made me re-visit the linux-generic-allwinner kernel snap and i updated it (locally yet, not yet in the store, but i plan to) to the recent linux-generic version 4.15.0-34.37

an experimental image using it can be found at:

it does not include the xradio driver (currently), so no WLAN, but uses the mainline ethernet driver, so it should provide stable wired ethernet. first boot configuration needs to be done via serial console …

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I am still interested but if all I can do to help sort the problem is to get the problem to occur again then I was going to set-up a second OPiZ, with the original Ubuntu CORE 16 image, and just let it run to see if it fails over into the same condition under the same conditions.

It likely is not good form to use a different image given those stochastic processes we have talked about.

If it is logging at all then if someone gives me a hint at what logs would be most useful I will have a shot at reading the SD on another computer to drag them off. I guess it depends on how disruptive the update process to the device and especially to the logs.

So thanks for the offer.

I will be happy enough to thrash any updated image once I have paid my dues.