Ant build failing behind server proxies

I have an Ant part which builds fine locally and in an lxd container but fails on the build servers.

I believe I’ve isolated the problem to ant trying to download some zip files directly off the web.

<target name="trydownload" if="" depends="trydownload.check">
    <!-- Downloads a file if not yet downloaded and the source URL is available -->
    <get src="${sourcefile}" httpusecaches="${trydownload.httpusecaches}" dest="${destfile}" />

The <get> tag is attempting to download a file from:

Investigation of the problem suggests that the problem is that ant may be ignoring the proxies and is therefore being denied access to the outside world.

It looks like I can pass the proxy settings to ant but the problem is I can’t find any documentation on what to set the proxies to?

Can someone provide me with the proxy settings or maybe an environment variable that is set to point at the proxies.


Any help on this one?

At least a pointer to who to talk to.

Just and update.

This was a proxy issue and its now been fixed.

The build servers now have a transparent proxy so the ant proxy settings aren’t required.

I’m experiencing this same issue still (I also didn’t get an replies here :). Do you have any more details about how the proxy works? Or it’s limitations?

May not be related, but I’m still having problems if the URL gets redirected from an SSL mirror to a non-ssl mirror.
The proxy will fail in this use case.

I’ve submitted a bug report here: