Anki Snap cannot be removed (Ubuntu 22)

Installed Anki snap via GUI. Noticed it was outdated version. Tried to uninstall via GUI and was told “Unable to remove Anki: no packages to remove”. So off to the command line with sudo snap remove anki only to get the reply “snap anki is not installed”. so i run sudo snap list only to see there is in fact no snap containing the text anki. in fact, every snap i have installed is accounted for meaning there really is no anki snap. but snap seems to recognize something being installed as the program runs and shows up in the my app list.

i do NOT like this at all an want to remove this zombie from my computer. any suggestions?

bump. has no one come across this issue or have a solution to offer?

This looks like you did simply not install the app as a snap. How do you run it when you start it to assume it is a snap, do you use snap run ... ?