Android Studio not updated

Android Studio Electric Eel 2022.1.1 was released on 01/13 but it is’nt still available in any of the channels. And those are pretty outdated.

Any idea when it will be updated? Our team used snap to keep the same Android Studio version but one thing is a small delay and other is to be completely outdated.

latest/stable 2021.3.1.17 10 November 2022
latest/beta 2021.2.1.15 2 July 2022
latest/edge 2021.3.1.17 30 October 2022

The Android Studio snap is a community maintained snap published by the Snapcrafters organization. As such, efforts to keep the Android Studio snap up-to-date are very much reliant on whether or not community maintainers have time to test and publish the updated package for the IDE.

I believe there are snapcrafters currently working on/looking at updating package, but the snap build recipe is published on GitHub here: It is open for contributions, so we would definitely appreciate someone undertaking the effort to open a pull request that bumps the version of Android Studio to the newest version.