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About pcynlitx classic confinement

Dear readers.

Sorry, I forgot to mention an important point in my previous mail.
Please read the previous mail before this mail.

The meta programs that are used by pcynlitx construct cybernetic thread control library.
However, in this programming paradigm, the programmers make declarations about the C++ headers and source files to the graphical user interface of the pcynlitx platform before cybernetic control library construction.

Then, the pcynlitx platforms builds autonomuos thread management library
based on this meta-information. Therefore, the platform must perform both read and write operations on particular C++ source files. Then, the platform construct special C++ thread management library to the location which is declareted by the programmer.
I think classic confinement is necessary in this case. If the strict confinement can be applied in this platform, how can i acieve this.

I have posted my snapcraft.yaml file in my previous mail.

My web page and github repo are given in below.

Thanks for everything and best regards.

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