Always print traceback on failure

If a failure occurs while running snapcraft the error should be printed out to stderr and not hidden from the user in a file on /tmp.

As a part of the git-ubuntu project, we have automated CI which does a test build for each merge request. Those failures occur in a VM that is destroyed afterwards leaving us with the following output:

Downloading ‘xdelta-v1.1.3-9.tar.gz’ 100%
We would appreciate it if you anonymously reported this issue.
No other data than the traceback (’/tmp/tmpg2py7ezv/trace.txt’) and the version of snapcraft in use will be sent.
Would you like to send this error data? (Yes/No/Always) [no]:

This is obviously less than helpful to us running a project and the end user trying to submit a merge request. Can the previous behavior of showing the full trace please be restored?

Indeed, I noticed this as well: . The fix is .

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Thanks Kyle really appreciate it!

Thanks for the report!