Allow developers to reply on store ratings

I have several apps in few of them are getting negative reviews i want reply them with a message which will bring better understanding about my app.
Due to those negative reviews and misunderstanding reviewer having about my app new users will not download my app reading older reviews.
Please take review system down for now or somehow make it possible to allow developers reply the reviews.
In a true sense currently implemented system is incomplete or not good. Every major app store in market allow developers to talk to reviewer and help hum out with issue he facing and why he gave such review to app. also reviews should be version specific. cause there is no way for new users to check if the problem is fixed in new update of app etc.


I understand the concern. We are using ODRS for ratings and reviews. I suspect this is simply a feature which hasn’t been implemented yet. I don’t know if it’s been considered by the ODRS developers or not, but it’s probably best to start there, as it’s ODRS data and their API we’re consuming. I would imagine this might be a useful feature across multiple packaging formats, and platforms, not just the Snap Store.

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how do we put this in front of ODRS developers ? i mean the link just seems to be wiki.

Scroll down? There is a section at the bottom of the page.


I don’t really want to bug the ODRS dev as I’m not in a position to contribute to the effort, but I did want to +1 this to the Canonical team as something that would add value for us as users of the Snap store.


I emailed Richard Hughes and he pointed me to gitlab. I subsequently made this feature request against ODRS.