Allow classic confinement for flow

Hi there,

I would like to get classic confinement allowed for flow package. It is a AWS tooling that needs to access ~/.aws/config and ~/.aws/credentials to obtain credentials for AWS API.

Source code repos are located here:

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Thank you in advance

@jdstrand I can verify that the flow Store account is operated by Krzysztof Grodzicki who is upstream for Flow Lab.

Given that access to AWS credentials is required for flow to function I am happy to +1 this request for classic confinement.

Longer term I think it would be sensible to create an aws-credentials interface so applications of this nature can be strictly confined.

Granting use of classic. This is now live.

I’ve taken a TODO to investigate creating an aws-credentials interface. To speed this along, anyone could create a PR for snapd. I suggest basing it on the gpg-keys interface.