Aliases: not required anymore?


This blog post ( states that one needs to add aliases: to snapcraft.yml to be able to use aliases but in the example below postgresql93.pgdump command does not have an associated aliases: entity at all and yet it works:

$ sudo snap install --force-dangerous postgresql93_9.3.17_amd64.snap
postgresql93 9.3.17 installed
$ snap aliases
Command  Alias  Notes
$ snap alias postgresql93.pgdump blah
  - postgresql93.pgdump as blah
$ snap aliases
Command              Alias  Notes
postgresql93.pgdump  blah   manual

This is 2.25 (snap and snapd).

Did something change?


Okay, I see. Those changes have already been implemented. At least partially ?

Most of them are implemented, they aren’t yet in a stable release.