Aliases for CrackMapExec commands

Request for aliases for CrackMapExec commands:- cme and cmedb.

name:      crackmapexec
summary:   A swiss army knife for pentesting networks
publisher: -
license:   GPL-3.0-or-later
description: |
  CrackMapExec (a.k.a CME) is a post-exploitation tool that helps automate assessing the security of
  large Active Directory networks. Built with stealth in mind, CME follows the concept of "Living
  off the Land": abusing built-in Active Directory features/protocols to achieve it's functionality
  and allowing it to evade most endpoint protection/IDS/IPS solutions.
  CME makes heavy use of the **impacket** library (developed by **@asolino**) for working with
  network protocols and performing a variety of post-exploitation techniques.
  Although meant to be used primarily for offensive purposes (e.g. red teams, internal pentest), CME
  can be used by blue teams as well to assess account privileges, find possible misconfigurations
  and simulate attack scenarios.
  **CrackMapExec** is developed by **@byt3bl33d3r** and **@mpgn**
  Installation: `snap install --edge crackmapexec`
  User's Manual:-
  - crackmapexec.cme
  - crackmapexec.cmedb
  - crackmapexec
snap-id:      sCj74gWrRHGxHTTUb9utKK5w3PfAlDNu
tracking:     latest/edge
refresh-date: today at 20:59 IST
  latest/stable:    –                                       
  latest/candidate: v5.3.0-54-g21b5adb 2022-09-29 (9) 105MB -
  latest/beta:      v5.3.0-54-g21b5adb 2022-09-29 (9) 105MB -
  latest/edge:      v5.3.0-54-g21b5adb 2022-09-26 (6) 105MB -

Apologies for missing this request. cme conflicts with a different package of the same name in Ubuntu - - but I don’t expect this to be an issue in practice as these two packages seem quite different in scope.

cmedb has no conflicts that I can find.

+1 from me for both of these.

I would also say +1 for cmedb, but not sure about cme. I’d like to keep a 100% record of providing non-ambiguous aliases, so perhaps cmex?

Hi @phoenix,

Does cmex works as an alternative alias?

No, it doesn’t. CrackMapExec is a lot more popular package than the almost obscure - nobody ever heard of - repo package named cme. Just because a less popular repo package exists earlier than CrackMapExec cme command doesn’t mean the name is reserved!

The repo package cme source repo:-

The CrackMapExec source repo:-

@Igor Please compare and count the stars.

Sarcasm aside, do what you guys think is right.

@phoenix Actually, the fact something exists before something else does matter. Think of someone making another tool with cme as the prefix and then asking us to grant them that - which would conflict with your software. That would not be fair to you.

We want to find the best result here. Could you suggest something that would work for you?