Alias requests for microceph

For the MicroCeph charm [0] I’d like to request some aliases.

We currently are using microceph.ceph for the ceph admin tool, and it would be great if users could access this as the familiar ceph binary.

Similarly for the microceph.rados, microceph.rbd and microceph.radosgw-admin commands

Can we have aliases granted that accomplishes this?

Thanks, peter.


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Bumping as this seems to have fallen throug the cracks?

+1 from me - whilst these all conflict with the similar binaries from the ceph-common package in Ubuntu, this is expected (as they are the same thing) and it would be assumed that a user installing microceph would want to have it’s version of these commands in PATH instead.

+1 vote from me too, this makes sense.

2 votes for, 0 against, granting aliases for ceph, rados, rbd and radosgw-admin commands to microceph snap. This is now live.

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