Alias Request For xdman

Hey there, initially i was refused the original name of xdm for xtreme-download-manager, citing 3 letter names are not granted but suggested using alias, as such i want the snap xdman to have alias of xdm.

snap alias xdman xdm

snap alias xdman xtreme-download-manager

This will make the snap compatible to upstream app. Thanks

I think this would conflict with the X Display Manager’s xdm which available in the archive.

-1 from me.

-1 from me as well for the same reason stated above by @dclane @SamAlex let us know if you have any other alias in mind.


Ok i understand, can we adjust for xtreme-download-manager ?

xtreme-download-manager alias looks good to me, +1 for that


+1 from me to grant xtreme-download-manager alias since in this case, there is no obvious conflict with the app in the archive.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against. This is now live.