Alias request for terminalpp

Dear Snapcraft,

As advised earlier, I would like to request a tpp alias for my snap terminalpp. It’s a crossplatform terminal emulator and tpp is its executable as a shorthand.

The program webpage is here:

Thanks a lot!


There is already an application in the Ubuntu archive called tpp which provides a tpp executable. -1 from me for an auto-alias for tpp for terminalpp - users can always set up the alias themselves:

sudo snap alias terminalpp.tpp tpp

Can other @reviewers please vote on this?

Hi Alex, thanks for the input. In that case probably ignore the request. I imagine I would have to “fight” this on every distribution channel:-)

Please discard the request, I will call it terminalpp by default.


It might still be interesting to get feedback from other @reviewers - mine is just one opinion and we have a voting process specifically to take input from multiple people - so if you are really keen on the tpp name it might still be possible.

@alexmurray I have to agree with you, tpp is too ambiguous for this, unfortunately.

Sure, no problem. Please close this request.

Thanks a lot for your time!