Alias request for snap john-the-ripper

Reasoning: I am a committer upstream.

I request the alias: john (PS: the same of the Ubuntu package)

It was (snapcraft.yml)
command: run/john
aliases: [john]


unrelatedly, could you fix your instructions so they don’t give the impression that snap stores are per-distro? (they aren’t)

+1 for the auto-alias. ‘john’ is how ‘john-the-ripper’ non-snap users invoke the command.

silly question: why isn’t the snap called john?

+1 to the alias, but I kinda agree with @chipaca-- the deb is called “john” as well. Normally I’d say that “naming something other than upstream makes it hard to find,” but this seems to be an established pattern for this project.

I actually prefer ‘john-the-ripper’ since it is clearer what it is. I mean, ‘john’ could be a way to ping @chipaca or any number of other things. :slight_smile:

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2 votes for, 0 against. Granted the alias. This is now live.

silly question: why isn’t the snap called john?

Because the name was “reserved” (Store gave me an error message)