Alias request for scraterpreter


Can Scraterpreter ( get the following alias?

  • scraterpreter.scrape -> scraterpreter
  • scraterpreter.scrapec - > scraterpreterc

I was hoping that Scraterpreter could get the alias scrape and scrapec but it would conflict with, so I guess that would not be possible.

Thank you!

I need some votes so Bump!

+1 from me - these don’t conflict with any existing snaps / common packages.

+1 for both, but note that your snap is already allowed use of ‘scraterpreter’. You need only adjust your snap.yaml to have:

name: scraterpreter
   scraterpreter:  # was scrape

2 votes for, 0 against. Granting use of the aliases. This is now live.

Thanks, but I am getting the following error when refreshing or installing this snap:

Set automatic aliases for snap "scraterpreter" (cannot enable alias "scraterpreter" for "scraterpreter", it conflicts with the command namespace of installed snap "scraterpreter")

How can I fix this?

I adjusted the snap declaration to remove “scraterpreter” which should resolve the refresh/install issue. You’ll want to adjust your snap to have what I suggested above to have a command map to your snap’s name.