Alias request for rich-tab snap


I’d like to make an alias request for the rich-tab snap. I would like to alias it to rt if possible.


Hi @dash3 .

Can you report your *.yaml file (copy and paste its content in this chat) ?

Hi @baldeuniversel ,

Every single yaml file? most of them are test resources except the snapcraft.yaml ofcourse

Also, I’m not sure about the purpose of copy pasting it here when its available at (or specifically this release

You don’t need to send your yaml for an alias request, just wait til one of the reviewers gets to the request (though please note the pinned message here in the forum, most reviewers will be out until end of the year, so it might take a while)…

In general two-char aliases might be a bit problematic though (but I’ll leave that ro the reviewers :slightly_smiling_face:)

Hi @dash3 @ogra.

Unless I’m mistaken, in the yaml file @dash3 can alias rich-tab via the section →


    my-alias: my-app

Can you please point to the documentation where you found this so we can fix it ? This is clearly not matching the currently documented alias handling…

@ogra I’m referred to the explanations on this page (via this link → .

The section in question is not mentioned in this documentation(via the same link), but there is a snap command that uses it as a parameter .

Right, please make sure to read the documentation first, there is actually a section on this document about requesting aliases which describes the process …

I really appreciate your enthusiasm but you are often very fast with sending half-baked answers (like telling people to please snap remove --purge ... and re-install a snap which, due to the nature of snap packaging, is extremely unlikely to give any different result than the status-quo and in the end just removes valuable debug info we might want to inspect together with the user), please invest a little time to research stuff before you suggest things and try to collect some info from people having problems before jumping to conclusions …

Well received :slight_smile: .

Maybe, I’m still at the novice stage with snap . But I still read a lot.

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Hey @dash3 ,

Usually two- and three-letter aliases are problematic and collide with other existing aliases, as @ogra mentioned. In you case rt command already exists (e.g. for request tracker 4 and request tracker 5). Therefore it’s a -1 from me.

I’d recommend finding another alias that’s not colliding with other existing commands. Thanks.

Ah I see, thanks for letting me know!

How about rtab? Also how do I effectively search for a free or possibly free alias?

And if rtab is available as an alias, I’d like to switch my snap to under the rtab name. In which case, will it auto-alias it? (since it will become rtab.rtab)

Thanks again!

one easy way is to simply use ubuntus “bash-completion” service (not sure how well integrated this is on other distros) and just type the alias you want into the terminal and see what it suggests:

$ rt
Command 'rt' not found, but can be installed with:
sudo apt install rt4-clients  # version 4.4.4+dfsg-2ubuntu1, or
sudo apt install rt5-clients  # version 5.0.1+dfsg-1ubuntu1
$ rtab
Command 'rtab' not found, did you mean:
  command 'rtax' from deb rtax (0.984-8)
Try: sudo apt install <deb name>

i.e. above you can see the rt command is provided by a package and bash-completion makes a suggestion to install this package, while for rtab there is no such thing so it should be safe to use this one :wink:

Ah I see, thanks for letting me know!

Ok I have now switched my alias to rtab, but i have left my snap name rich-tab.

Can you make yet another appeal for the auto-alias?

more than happy to be wrong, but I swear you’re talking to a chat gpt bot. there I said it.

Hi @ogra or @sahnaseredini

Do you mind reviewing this request again?


+1 from me for granting the rtab alias to the rich-tab snap since in this case there is no obvious conflict as in the previous one.

Can other @reviewers please vote?

+1 from me too - this seems quite reasonable and has no obvious conflicts.

Thanks for the approvals :slight_smile:

So what exactly happens after this? Is there somewhere I can check to see that the auto-aliasing is set?

+2 for, 0 against. Alias “rtab” granted to ricktab.rtab apps in this snap. This is now live


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