Alias request for mgba

I uploaded mgba (gameboy advance emulator) to the store. It has two binaries, mgba and mgba-qt (the latter having a qt UI). Could I please get an alias for mgba-qt in the mgba snap.

It’s in the store edge channel currently having mgba and mgba.mgba-qt binaries exposed.

+1 for aliasing mgba-qt

There are not enough votes to to tally.

@niemeyer, @evan, @tyhicks, @kyrofa, @roadmr - can one/all of you vote on this?

+1 from me. Nothing in the archive, either.

I’d really like to publish this snap with the aliases soon. Can I get a +1/-1 on this?

@popey - we now have enough votes to tally but the three day voting extension has not expired. It is on my TODO to grant it on monday if no objections. Is monday soon enough?

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+1 from me too (even though I have not been nominated to vote)

Ok. Next week is fine.

3 votes for, 0 against. Granting use of the alias. This is now live.