Alias request for kubelogin

I have snapped the CLI for kubelogin ( There is no known snap of this project to date.

Desired alias: kubelogin

Alias target: exodus-kubelogin


There appear to be no other conflicts for this name - +1 from me (although I wonder if it would be worth trying to work with the upstream project to get an official version of the snap published in the store, or if upstream are not interested, then just publishing your version under the kubelogin name directly).

I’ve left a comment on a github issue of theirs (, to see if they want to adopt/maintain it with me in their own repo, I’ll report back in some time if there’s any traction there.

For now, this request is a more expedited way for users to consistently install kubectl.

+1 from me as well for the kubelogin auto alias for the exodus-kubelogin snap/app since it seems there are no conflicts.

I have worked with MS on this and we have registered kubelogin itself, as well as uploaded the snap. The alias is no longer required. Thank you.

What is the best way to redirect people to now use the kubelogin snap instead? Modify the summary/description to reference the other snap?

Thanks for letting us know. I am removing this request from our review queue then.

That one looks good to me. ping @Igor do you have any other suggestion?

Hello, yes I think adding a note in the header of the description would be the best idea. It won’t necessarily affect those who already run the tool. For that, you may want to build a new version which will pop a notification window (something like yad I think) when run the next time, to inform people that there’s an updated app/snap.