Alias request for fre:ac snap


I just published the fre:ac audio converter snap:

I would like to request the alias “freaccmd” for the “freac.freaccmd” command, the command line interface of fre:ac.


A silly question, not (directly) related to the alias: why not call it freac.cmd instead of freac.freaccmd?


Mainly because it’s freaccmd everywhere else already.

It would be most convenient for users if freaccmd just worked when installing the Snap vs. finding it not working and having to figure out how it can be made to work.

Under these circumstances, freac.freaccmd might be even better than freac.cmd as the former can be related to how Snap packaging works while the latter seems just random.


+1 for the auto-alias


@reviewers - can one or more of you vote on this?


+1 from me - I agree with the “freaccmd is well-known” rationale, and the name seems distinctive enough.


+1 from me too for the auto-alias


3 votes for, 0 against. Granting the auto-alias. This is now live.