Alias request for data-science-stack

Hello, I would like request an alias for our snap data-science-stack.dss as dss

snap alias  data-science-stack.dss dss

I have just manually pushed our first version in progress

Thanks for all of your help.

Hi @misohu,

Can you please point to any existing documentation which outlines the dss name?

Besides that, I could not find any obvious conflict with this alias, so it should be fine to it


Hi, the snap is still work in progress.

For now we have a git repository: github - canonical/data-science-stack (sorry links limit on post) Technical specification: Product specification:

After the initial release there will be dedicated docs website.

Let me know if there is sth else I need to provide.


I could not found any obvious conflict with this alias. Thus +1 from me for granting data-science-stack snap usage of dss alias

I couldn’t find an obvious conflict either therefore +1 from me.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-alias dss. This is now live.