Alias request for 'azure-iot-edge.iotedge'

I would like to request an alias for ‘azure-iot-edge.iotedge’ to be ‘iotedge’

The creation of this alias will help in standardizing commands for the Ubuntu Core Snaps for Azure IoT Edge. This will help in simplifying our public documentation when we release the Snaps and improving the overall customer experience.

Thanks, Bishal

This looks good to me. Can I get input from @reviewers ?

Edit: Fixed to ping reviewers rather than policy-reviewers

+1 from me. This doesn’t obviously conflict with anything in the store already or the archives.

Also @bishal41, I just realised why we didn’t spot this one earlier: the review team is monitoring the Store Requests category. Thanks for picking this up @lofidevops.

+2 votes for and 0 against, granted alias iotedge for azure-iot-edge.iotedge. This is now live.

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