Alias for the `pdf-tool` program

Hi ! I need an alias for my pdf-tool program .

The alias will be pdftool .

Thanks .

Why not just register the name pdftool and call your application that?

Hi ! @popey .

Its native name is pdf-tool, the alias is a suggestion from users.

I think if the snap is called pdf-tool then users will expect this to be the name of the command they would use. Users can also already set a snap alias themselves:

sudo snap alias pdf-tool pdftool

So I am not sure this alias has a strong use-case.

Okay ! Thanks @alexmurray .

@baldeuniversel seems you are ok with the suggestion so I am removing this request from our review queue. If you have any further question, please write here again.


Hi ! @emitorino .

It’s okay. The program has not yet been published.

Hi ! @johnny005 .

I know this scenario. Thank you all the same.

@baldeuniversel that user appears to be spamming threads with vague, unrelated replies. feel free to ignore their ‘advice’.

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Hi ! @alexmurray .

Oops ! Are we being invaded :slightly_smiling_face:?