Alias for docker.compose as docker-compose


I would like to request an alias of the app compose in the docker snap as docker-compose (currently it is used as docker.compose).

The upstream documentation for docker-compose refers to the name of the compose command as docker-compose and so matching this in the snap will help users.

Additionally, as currently all docker parts are included inside the docker snap, there shouldn’t ever be a separate docker-compose snap, as that would require lots of permissions because it basically only calls docker.



A wholehearted community :+1: from me!

It is expected that the command be docker-compose by everyone in the Docker community, and the Docker documentation all refers to the command as such. Bundling docker-compose within the Docker snap is a reasonable thing to do, and means that users will not be required to find out where or how to get docker-compose from - This also mimics Docker for Windows and Docker for Mac, both of which bundle docker-compose in their distributions.


+1 from me with the same rationale as @lucyllewy

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+1 for the alias.

2 votes for, 0 against. This is now live.

+1 totally agree with your rationale

It is annoing to use temporary solution
sudo nano -Bu ~/.bashrc -> alias docker-compose='docker.compose'
Please try to find permanent solution.

The alias should be live now so you shouldn’t have to do that.

When you install the docker snap, what aliases do you see:

$ snap aliases docker
Command         Alias           Notes
docker.compose  docker-compose  -
docker.machine  docker-machine  -