Alias for azure-iot-identity's aziotctl command

Request for an ‘aziotctl’ alias for the azure-iot-identity.aziotctl CLI.

name: azure-iot-identity
summary: Provides provisioning and cryptographic services for Azure IoT Hub devices.
description: The Identity Service provisions a device's identity and any modules it runs. The device identity can be based on symmetric keys or X.509 certificates. It supports manual device registrations or individual/group enrollments with the Azure Device Provisioning Service.

license: MIT
installation: `snap install --edge azure-iot-identity`

+1 from me for the auto-alias of azioctl for azure-iot-identity - there is no obvious conflict for this name and it is the well-known name of this CLI application (e.g.

+1 from me as well for granting azioctl auto-alias to azure-iot-identity since as explained there is no conflict and its indeed expected

+2 for, 0 against. granting azioctl auto-alias to azure-iot-identity.

This is now live