Alias duf on duf-utililty & auto connection

I published duf-utility (which is known as duf everywhere else). Please can I have the alias duf on duf-utility so command line execution matches existing packages elsewhere?

In addition the single goal of the application is to show disk space on disks. As such it needs mount-observe. Please can this be automatically connected via store assertion. The snap is in candidate if anyone wants to test.

+1 for me for auto-connect mount-observe since it’s clearly needed by duf-utility to show disk space.

+1 for me as well for granting the duf alias to duf-utility. Any reason why the snap was not named duf instead? I don’t see a duf snap published already.


The store team push back on 3-letter snap names. This is what I got when I tried to register the name:

Three-letter and shorter snap names are too generic and nondescript and don’t provide a good idea of what the snap actually is or does. For that reason, we prefer and suggest you pick a more descriptive name for your snap (disk-usage-free for example). Keep in mind that even if the snap has one of those names, a command called “duf” can still be provided by the snap - this needs creating an “alias” but it’s entirely feasible to do so.

Let me know if some of the suggested names are OK with you or if you want to pick a new one; in any case, you can simply register the new name and it should be automatically approved - only 3-letter or shorter names (well and a few other exceptions) require manual name review/approval."

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Ah! That makes a lot of sense. Thanks!

There is a notable speed-bump introduced by blocking 3-letter named snaps, without making that clear when the user registers the snap. @roadmr - perhaps the dispute screen could be fixed to actually tell the truth and not a lie that the snap name is “already registered”. Anyone other than us on the inside would not know what this actually means, and will be dissuaded from proceeding. I know this is the case because people have told us that this wording is off-putting.



Can other @reviewers please vote? Thanks!

+1 from me to both the duf alias (only thing close to it in the archive is duff) as well as the mount-observe auto-connection.

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+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of mount-observe to duf-utility.
+2 votes for, 0 votes against, Granting the requested auto-alias duf.

This is live now.

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Thank you! Have a great weekend.

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