Alex Lowe | Snapcrafters membership application

Hi there! I’d like to apply for snapcrafters membership.

My relevant credentials are:

  • Own and maintain the ruff snap since February 2023 (11 months)
  • Own and maintain the genopro snap since December 2022 (1 year)
  • Maintain my own codespell snap under my own user namespace for about a month
  • Contributed to the GitHub CLI snap
  • Created some GitHub workflows to help keep snaps up-to-date with upstream releases.
  • Contributor to libraries used by snapcraft (and occasionally to snapcraft itself)

I’d like to contribute to snapcrafters in the following ways:

  1. Update the current codespell snap and begin maintaining it
  2. Update the CI for existing snapcrafters snaps
  3. Test candidate versions of snapcrafters snaps (I already do this for Signal)
  4. General maintenance (e.g. building and maintaining a list of “help wanted” snaps)

Looking forward to hearing from you!



EDIT: As a potential conflict of interest statement: I am a Canonical employee, and my work on snapcraft and its libraries is part of my day job. However, I’m applying here in a purely personal capacity, and all other work I’ve mentioned have been done in a personal capacity. Canonical haven’t asked me to do this, and I do not intend to tie any snapcrafters stuff to my work. I will be doing this in my own time on my own hardware.


Great, you’ve been accepted, welcome to Snapcrafters!

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