Advocacy Team 'Celebration' Request - DuckPowered

Dear @advocacy and @popey,

We hope you are having a nice day.

We have just published our snap ‘DuckPowered’ on the snap store.

We saw that you take requests for ‘celebration’, and we were wondering if you could please celebrate ‘DuckPowered’.

We have completed all information and metadata in our store listing (including a featured banner):

Have a great day,

The Ivanbots on our shared ‘foss-for-the-win’ account!

P.s. we think we have overcame an intel_pstate issue. We’ve tested it on all of our devices. May you please test DuckPowered on your PC (just confirming snap logs duckpowered.actual-service returns numbers, and not any errors) before you celebrate it? We wouldn’t want a non-working version to be ‘celebrated’.

I don’t think I tagged the advocacy team correctly. I’m just going to tag the members individually (sorry if this is an inconvenience).

@Wimpress @evan @popey @Igor

Enjoy your day!

Hi, the way you tagged advocacy was correct; the individual tags are not needed, as neither Martin, nor Evan, nor even Alan are in the advocacy team anymore. No worries, Igor will respond when he has a moment :slight_smile:

  • Daniel

I’m so sorry :frowning_face: - the link 404-ed so I thought I did something wrong!

Thank you for the clarification! :smile:

Hi @advocacy, thanks for your work! Just checking in with the status of this?

Hi @adovocacy and @roadmr

We are so sorry to be annoying however we have a FIRST Lego League ( ) nationals match coming up very soon, and it would be very beneficial for us to mention that we have been celebrated on Twitter.

It would also be great to get some more exposure for our app, so we can “change the way more people think about power”

We were wondering if there is anything we can do speed up this process?

Have a great night,

The Ivanbots

Hey @foss-for-the-win,

Thanks for this request.

I think it’s a bit early to celebrate or promote a app, especially since it’s quite new, and it may take some time for people to try it and get their impressions. Also, this is essentially a system tweaking tool, and underclocking a CPU isn’t a trivial task, so any recommendation for it would also require thorough testing.

What I would suggest is we stay in touch over the coming weeks, and then figure out if and how the app could be featured. One way would be for you to share more information on your snap journey on your own blog (if you have one perhaps), or work with us on a story.

I would also suggest screenshots that showcase actual usage on a system, so that people can sense of what and how the tool works, even if there’s an element of command-line usage.

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Thank you so much for your reply @Igor ! We don’t have a blog, but the middle school we attend does, so we will have to see if they will put us up. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have much exposure outside our school community, which doesn’t really use Linux. In the meantime some exposure would be great, and for our upcoming Lego League match it would be so amazing to say we were written about on the Snapcraft blog as you suggested!

We would love to work with you on a story if that is OK?

Enjoy your day!

@foss-for-the-win sure we can work out something. You can pm me your email and I’ll ping you.

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Thank you so much for working with us! :smiley: We’ll dm you now!