Adoption problems?

I just went to refresh my snaps and I noticed a lot of them have been pulled out from the store, among them some big ones.
Does anybody know why Krita dropped snap support in favor of appimage?
Kdenlive did the same, but they say that they lack the package maintainer.

It’s funny how in the “battle” between snap and flatpak they chose to support neither but rather go with appimages… All that work, and then they don’t publish it on any store.

You know, appimage is not such a bad solution. It is true, it does not have confinement by default, except for firejail, its update is not as fluid, except for appimage update (not all, or none have wanted to implement it), but neither are the .deb packages.
In Krita the packers had many problems, not to tell you in kdenlive, for a normal user like me appimage is not such a bad solution.
Many software developers use it, it’s a matter of taste.
As a normal user, I prefer things that are easy to install, without having to use the terminal and so on, especially if we are not experienced in Linux.
The beauty of this is that at least we have packages that aim to eliminate borders and provide a better distribution.
Personally, I’ll keep the 3 solutions (snap, flatpak appimage), I would only expect that the official developers would decide for someone or for three solutions as libreoffice.

I don’t think the regular users even know how to make appimage executable and definitely won’t care to have 3 diferent packagings supported, they’ll just say:“I cannot install Krita and many other apps that you said support linux and I cannot find them in the store.” and then leave the distribution for a platform that has Krita in the store (like Windows :O).

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