Additional interface connections for brave

Please add browser-supportand password-manager-service interface for the brave snap. In line with the requirements, upstream brave have access to publish the snap are are a trusted publisher. If granted, we’ll get them added to the yaml. Thanks.

+1 for browser-support (indeed, it already has it).

-1 for password-manager-service for the reasons I detailed in Auto-connecting the cups-control and password-manager-service interfaces for the chromium snap.

@reviewers - can some of you vote on auto-connecting password-manager-service?

Yeah, -1 on password-manager-service, same reasons.

I’m +1 on granting password-manager-service because Brave are a trusted publisher and without this interface, passwords are stored in plain text.

+1 to password-manager-service, as noted in the upstream bug tracker, this is a different behavior from the deb, and is unexpected.

@Wimpress and @popey - please remember that granting the auto-connection means both that the snap can access all password data in the secrets database (which might include ssh passwords and all kinds of other things), not just Brave’s, and that all snaps that have password-manager-service connected can now access Brave’s passwords. Both of these points are unexpected and this exposes Brave to password sniffing. To my knowledge, we’ve never allowed auto-connection for this interface because the services backing it have a completely different trust model where everything in the user’s session is trusted. This is not true of snaps.

I suggest instead of autoconnecting, Brave try to connect to it and it it fails, let the user know they can run a command to connect it (with sufficient detail to make an informed choice).

2 votes for, 2 votes against. Not granting the auto-connection at this time.