Adding GPU Access to Installed Snap

It is painful to use Flutter Snap. For example, any Android emulator that is launched with snapped Flutter does not have GPU access, so the emulator is painfully slow:

Not only that, same thing applies to Chrome that gets launched by snapped Flutter:

Since Flutter Snap itself is in a confined environment and does not have any GPU access, it also poisons the subprocesses that it launches. There’s also an issue on flutter-snap repo, which has been referenced many times before, see it:

The issue is open since April 2022 and has no official reply.

So, since there’s no official fix from Snap side, or flutter-snap maintainers, is there a way to allow Flutter snap package to use GPU rendering? Flatpak, for example, has Flatseal which you can finetune the permissions of an app in a very detailed manner.

Is there a way to finetune a Snap app’s permissions?

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Don’t know if it is related with this, but Chrome currently on Linux has problems with GPU Rendering and they are working on it, other platforms are better on it…