Adding a track to a brand-store snap

Is there a way to add a track to the brand-store snap manually, without posting a request here in the forum?

We need to add a track for core18.

Hi @renat2017,

On one hand, currently the process to request and create tracks is via the forum. It’s a manual process that needs some auditing to ensure tracks are used for what they were designed for.

On the other hand, you can request tracks for snaps you own, not for snaps published by someone else. The idea behind tracks is that a snap publisher can maintain different but current versions of a snap in parallel (like version 1.x and 2.x). Deciding on tracks and versions for a snap is something only the publisher (and collaborators) can do, and is not the concern of the store “holding” those snaps.

Could you please describe your use case, so we can give you advice on how to solve it?

Regards, Natalia.

Hi, @natalia.

We need different tracks for snaps designed for core18 and core bases. We need a track, named 18
for snap to differentiate between core and core18 base images.

Thanks, Renat

Aha, you had us quite worried there for a bit :slight_smile:

Since you mention you might need 18 tracks for more snaps, and since you are a brand store customer, could I trouble you to please make a request via the Canonical support form indicating which snaps you need this track for? That way you can do all of them in one request and we get official tracking of a support request.

  • Daniel