Add Title to top-level metadata

Most applications in Snap Store have title in lowercase.
Looks ugly.

I propose to solve the problem by adding required key “title”. Its value will be displayed in Snap Store as app title.

For example:

name: gnome-caculator
title: GNOME Calculator
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I don’t understand.

Snaps already have a title:

Yes, but it is created in the web GUI. Most developers publish apps via terminal.

I mean required key adding to snapcraft.yaml.

Example of snapcraft.yaml with title (look at the second line):

name: httplab
title: HTTPLab
version: git
summary: An interactive web server.
description: |
  HTTPLab let you inspect HTTP requests and forge responses.

grade: devel
confinement: devmode

    source: .
    plugin: go

    command: httplab

As for requiring the key, I think it’s a bad idea as it raises the bar, and won’t necessarily accomplish your stated goal of having more snaps have uppercased titles; nothing requires the title to start with uppercase (nor, imho, should it).

Both snapcraft (from 3.0, not in legacy mode, i.e. you need to use a base) and snapd (from 2.27) know about title.

In snapcraft.yaml?

Yes, in snapcraft.yaml.

If you’re using snapcraft < 3.0, or not using a base, you can use passthrough:

name: foo
  title: Foo

but from 3.0 (with bases) it’s supported directly.

However, applications, despite the GUI lack, are displayed in a graphical stores (GNOME Software and KDE Discover).

In addition, I didn’t see any mention of title field in the documentation.

I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make here, sorry.

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Do you mean that even the title is correctly displayed on the Snap Store, it is still displayed as lowercased in the software center graphical frontends?

No. I meant that all apps, even console apps, are shown in Snap Store. That is why we need to make the title field mandatory.

What would this accomplish?

override or passthrough?

I meant passthrough /o\

What did you mean?..

You way we should make title mandatory. What’s the goal?

Snap Store will become a little prettier and tidier.

how is it going to do that?

Most applications in Snap Store have title in lowercase.

I kinda like this proposal as most applications do have a canonical title, that is different from the snap package name

I appreciate this, and maybe there’s something we can do to encourage people to fill in the title “from the terminal”. Meanwhile a lot of app devs are happily following the suggestions from the blog,

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