Add new snaps to existing device

Is it possible to add new snaps to a device when it’s running? I can’t seem to find any existing information on this topic.

For example, we have created a main snap for our service, and some additional ones (vpn, network, and so on) - each managing its own part of the service. Would it be possible to add a new snap to the device from another (our main) snap? New devices will just receive the new snap using a new image with a new model assertion, but altering this on a running device is (ofcourse?) not possible.


if you have a brand store, your “main snap” can use the snapd-control interface to talk to the snapd REST API on localhost to call “snap install …” for the list of additional snaps you want.

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Thanks! We don’t have a brand store yet, I’ve contacted canonical now to (hopefully) get one. Seems awesome and an useful thing to have, especially in this case were we are able to better manage (and update) our devices in the wild.

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