Add Greek langpack to LibreOffice snap package

Currently, the Libreoffice snap package supports the following UI languages:

  1. English (USA)
  2. Catalan
  3. Chinese (Traditional)
  4. French (France)
  5. German
  6. Hungarian
  7. Italian
  8. Japanese
  9. Polish
  10. Portuguese (both Portugal and Brazil)
  11. Russian
  12. Spanish (Spain)
  13. Turkish

Can you please add Greek to the list?

Greek is spoken by 11.1m people, which is similar to Hungarian (spoken by 13m people).
In the Greek Public Service (for example, the judicial system), there are many Ubuntu laptops with no upgrade path for the latest version of LibreOffice.

Hiya, I think the libreoffice snap bug tracker on launchpad is probably the best place for this request. @hellsworth maintains the snap I believe, and can advice further.

Hi @simos, thanks for the request! I’ve added Greek and have a build going and it should be done in a few hours. Would you mind just lightly testing the greek translation once the build is finished?

Thanks @popey and @hellsworth!

I installed the snap package from that URL and verified that

  1. Greek appears as an additional UI interface language,
  2. The UI translation is complete (I checked the menus in Writer, Calc, Impress and Draw).

We are happy with the how it looks and are looking forward in having Greek added to the main LibreOffice snap!

Here is the feature request I did earlier on Launchpad about this,

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