Add default aliases for latexml package

Hi Snapcraft team,

I would like to add aliases for latexml package

snap alias latexml.c latexmlc
snap alias latexml.find latexmlfind
snap alias latexml.math latexmlmath
snap alias latexmlpost


These are the well known names for the latexml tools. +1 for me.

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+1 from me too, the aliases make sense and since they start with latexml, they are tremendously unlikely to conflict with anything else.

  • Daniel
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@Wimpress @roadmr Thanks for your support

Iā€™m going through this procedure for the first time, what are the next steps?

+1 from me as well - @CAMOBAP - there is a standard 7 day waiting period for all requests to be voted on by the reviewers so no extra steps for you at this stage - once the 7 days is reached and the votes are tallied this will be acted on.

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3 votes for, 0 against. Granting alias. This is now live.

Thank you @alexmurray @Wimpress @roadmr ā€“ much appreciated!