I installed the acestream snap on Debian 9 and it is working like a charm. However the --client-gtk flag is not working, and I need to change the startup configs for slower connections.

  1. Is there some optional package that I should install to be able to see the acestream gtk client? I would like to check the logs, probably there is a useful error message there, but where?

  2. How can I change the command flags? I guess it would suffice to edit the .desktop file in /snap/acestream/7/opt... or the start-engine script, but the filesystem is read-only. Why can’t I change it as root? (according to the permissions I should be able to)

@vasilisc would be the one to ask about this (since they’re the maintainer of the snap) and there’s an email in the contact field of snap info acestreamplayer you can use if you don’t get a response here :slight_smile:

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