Acestream 3.1.xx?

Hey there.
Thanks for providing this snap package for us.
Just a couple of questions about it:

  • any reason why it is based on 3.0.x instead of the 3.1.xx branch? Most linux packages on their website are about Ubuntu and the 3.1.xx branch.
  • any reason why I can’t setup a different port other than the default 8621? Every time I set a new port the engine needs to restart and after the restart it is gone back to 8621…

Thanks in advance for any tips you can give me on the above.

Hy there.
I have to apologise. Last version of your snap is named “3.0.2-snap11” so I thought your snap was from a very old version of Acestream.
Yesterday I noticed that by right-clicking the engine and Options>Advanced it says it’s 3.1.16.
I guess the package name got me all confused.
But…I also noticed that Acestream has launched 3.1.35 in beta, which seems to be needed with most of the streams made available because the Russian boys have got Advertising in the package now.
Could you please take a look at it and create a snap in the beta channel with the 3.1.35 engine, please?
Also, it would be very welcome if we could change the listening port from the standard 8620. Do you think you could do something about that too?
Many thanks for sharing your packages with us.