Access to the Gnome Control Center through DBus

Hi all:

I’m migrating gnome-calendar to Snap, and found that it requests access to the Gnome Control Center through DBus. Specifically it tries to call the interface org.gtk.Actions in either the well-known name and object path org.gnome.Settings/org/gnome/Settings or org.gnome.Center/org/gnome/ControlCenter. The specific action is Activate, and it receives several parameters, like the page to open and some extra data (like opening an specific account ID in the Online accounts page).

The problem is that it isn’t possible to access that DBus interface from inside a Snap, so there are some options in gnome-calendar that doesn’t work (they just open the gnome-control-center in specific pages).

Is there a way of accessing it?

I’m asking in Gnome Forums about the exact list of parameters accepted by gnome-control-center.