Access external lib to use USB Token in firefox


To access some internal website I need my certificate which is located on an usb Token.
Firefox know how to use it as soon as I can register the lib located in /usr/lib/

The problem is I cannot find a way to make this lib available within the snap. I would like to make a link for the snap to be able to access this lib. I need to be a link because there may be some security update pushed by the company or even new lib whether a new usb token is provided by my company.

How can I do this ?

I do no create snap, I am only user.



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This looks like the same problem that’s discussed in Can't Load Security Device in Firefox Snap.

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I know this doesn’t fix the problem exactly, but it helped my situation. I installed the “non-snap” version of Firefox along side the snap version. I branded the non-snap version as a “work-only” version to keep track of which was which. I’ve never made a snap either, but for this I’m willing to learn.