About store "Github Webhook" and build triggering


I tried to follow the blog post about setting GH webhook for glpi-agent.

Something seems definitively wrong or missing (at least in my case).

First of all, I have to set it up manually as I probably don’t have the right to leave the GH connection process in snapstore to set it up by itself. I think the normal process relies on organization rights and I just have the rights on the repo, not on the organization. This is not a big deal, let’s set it up manually…

But, the Blog post says to take the URL in “Settings” page next to the “Github Webhook” line. But there’s no URL (at least for me), there’s just a link to “Setup web hook” (The url behind is https://snapcraft.io/glpi-agent/builds/update-webhook). And when I click on it I only obtain the following message:

The GitHub Webhook could not be created. Please try again or check your permissions over the repository. 

Then I don’t see how to manually setup the webhook. And I didn’t find any related page in documentation.

Any hints ?