About snap zoom-client ( failure

The icon for zoom-client appear after succesful finish of snap-based installation in CentOS 7.9, but there was no reaction after clicking on the icon.

When I call zoom-client ( on CentOS 7 on the command line #zoom-client

the process terminates itself immediately - root receives messages about access to pulseaudio:

Testing for explicit PulseAudio choice… …and PulseAudio has been explicitly chosen, so using it.

and the message from the kernel (equal to the second line in /var/log/messages, where the log from pulseaudio is written in CentOS):

Nov 10 10:30:48 myhome1 systemd: Started snap.zoom-client.zoom-client.6092154f-178a-4427-b4c0-82abe4ff9f47.scope. Nov 10 10:30:48 myhome1 kernel: traps: zoom[15338] trap int3 ip:7f14ec8913f8 sp:7ffc403ca480 error:0 in libcef.so[7f14e8a31000+9cce000]

Then visible work of zoom-client ends.

When I work not in the “virtual terminal” command line (Alt+Fn in CentOS), but in a terminal window in graphical mode in GNOME, then (for root) the message “Warning: Cannot start document portal” appears with similar messages above in /var/log/messages. Not as root I don’t see anythings.

When running the old zoom-5.3.14 on CentOS-7 w/o snap, in graphical mode (in GNOME), I didn’t see such messages from zoom in /var/log/messages. Is there any way to deal with this error?