Aborted "snap refresh" is impossible to be continued without reboot

(I was unable to reproduce this problem because of my poor internet connection, so I am not sure if its happening only to me. But I am still posting it because I think its important. If its not a real bug then sorry for wasting your time :slight_smile: )

  1. Do sudo snap refresh , you need to have at least 1 snap which will be refreshed
  2. Before sudo snap refresh is 100% completed, abort it using snap abort
  3. Now if you do sudo snap refresh again you will see that “All snaps are up to date” which is not true. Because downloading was not continued. So you cannot get the newer version of the snap by refreshing.
  4. If you try to remove the snap (to reinstall it to get the newer version) you will see an error. Its something like “…the snap has refresh-snap change in progress…”. I accidentally closed the terminal so I cannot post the exact error message.

The only way to be able to remove or refresh the snap is to reboot your PC. Maybe logging out and logging back in to your Linux user account will work too but I went straight to rebooting and things were fixed.

man snap does not tell anything about continuing jobs stopped using snap abort.

snap abort, like hitting Ctrl+C, will (or should!) actually abort the operation.
However sometimes that can take a bit of time, especially if your network is slow. If you look at snap changes you should still see an operation in progress. If you could look at that and then do snap tasks on the change id that is in progress, it might tell you more about what’s going on.