Ability to rename username for snapcraft user

I’ve tried to update my username for the snapcraft website via https://snapcraft.io/account/details

Clicking the edit details takes me to https://login.ubuntu.com/ where I successfully update my username. However, the change isn’t reflected back when I visit snapcraft. Is there some other process I need to follow, or is it not possible to change username?


The process to change the details is a bit convoluted; it’s something we’re working on making more straightforward.

Could you try this in the meantime? it’s a workaround really.

  1. go to https://login.ubuntu.com/
  2. change your details as required (full name)
  3. save
  4. go to https://dashboard.snapcraft.io/
  5. logout
  6. login
  7. go to https://dashboard.snapcraft.io/dev/account/
  8. change details again
  9. save

Let me know if it works - if it doesn’t I may need to do a reindex (no worries, it’s painless but I do have to trigger it explicitly).

  • Daniel

Thank you - that did the trick! :+1: