A notice on development and support via IRC

You might or might not have followed the recent happenings around the freenode IRC network that was seemingly taken over in a coup’d etat at the beginning of the month …

Tonight this happened (without any warning) in our freenode IRC channel:

11:03 --> freenodecom (~com@freenode/staff) has joined #snappy
11:03 --- freenodecom gives channel operator status to freenodecom
11:03 --- freenodecom removes channel operator status from ogra
11:03 --- freenodecom removes voice from ogra
11:03 <freenodecom> The new channel is ##snappy
11:03 <-- freenodecom (~com@freenode/staff) has left #snappy

This channel is now not owned, operated by or affiliated in any way to the snapd/snappy development team anymore.

In that light we have followed suit with many other opensource projects and moved to irc.libera.chat where you will find us in the #snappy channel as usual.

Here is a direct link to the channel via a web client.

If you use a native IRC client https://libera.chat/ has the info you need to adjust your configuration…


The #snapcraft channel has now moved as well …