A little suggestion

I hope that the snap store adds a function that allows developers to remove published snaps or registered names(maybe I just typed the wrong name). Because I want to remove some software that was out of support from the list. If I only set it ‘private’, my snaps list will be a mess, the best way is to remove it thoroughly.

Hi there,

You can ask for your snap to be “revoked” - it will basically do what you request, removing the snap from public view entirely and making the name available for re-registration (just not to you, because you said you didn’t want it anymore :slight_smile: ).

You have to request it via the forum, since it’s a completely irreversible operation we want people to be very aware of what they are asking - this used to be self-service but a lot of people got confused and revoked snaps when they didn’t mean to, and “unrevocation” is impossible.

  • Daniel

If the name can be re-registered by someone else once revoked, I fail to understand why the original user can’t re-register it if they asked for it to be revoked and then changed their mind. That, to me, smacks of a bad design… Either the revocation should be permanent for EVERYONE, or it should be permanent for NOONE, in my opinion.


It’s not set in stone, if someone asks for a revocation and then changes their mind, I usually remove the revocation record and let them have the name again.

There’s a reason for the design to be like this, but it’s probably lost to the sands of time. Let me dig around a bit and if I find a better reason than “because our ancestors said so”, we can definitely revisit this implementation.

  • Daniel

So I want to revoke all my registered and unpublished names. Thanks.